Pure File Converter is the easy, fast and safe way to convert
and send your Payment -and Debit Order batch data into
the correct electronic file format used by Netcash process data.


Pure File Converter allows you to import files directly from your network, PC, Laptop -or even an external storage device. Imported data will immediately display the errors contained in the file in RED and allow you to either fix all errors with one click (allowing the software to replace all errors with the banks requirements) -or to manually correct the errors one by one. The number of records imported and the total batch value is shown for easy comparison to your file/system/data which you imported. Once a file is ready for upload, only a single click is needed, and in a matter of seconds the file will be ready for authorisation in your Netcash account.


In today’s modern era, safe access to information is not only vital, but the immediacy and accuracy thereof is crucial to any modern day business. Pure File Converter uses state of the art encryption and file transmission technology to safely and securely send your data to Netcash. Once you have setup your Pure File Converter with your Netcash credentials, the data is securely stored on your local device in a hidden encrypted database. You can then securely login to your Netcash account from within the Pure File Converter and perform your Netcash tasks with ease. Your Netcash system permissions are enforced in the Pure File Converter.


Pure File Converter works by allowing you to create file Templates for any of your data files. We support the importing of Microsoft Excel (.xls/.xlsx), Delimited CSV (.csv) and even text (.txt) files. You can customise where in any of these files (which you create either manually or from another management system) data resides and in a matter of seconds – setup your template according to the file you will be importing into Pure File Converter ©. Once the template is designed using our easy to use Template manager, the layout thereof is stored within the application and the template is immediately available for usage and importing of files !


  • Correct structural errors with only 1 (one) click
  • Multiple payment and collection services available
  • Validate input – banking system acceptable standards and also the following services enabled for FREE:
    • NEW! Bulk Bank Verification – batched bank verification
    • NEW! Unlimited Netcash accounts to setup in the converter
    • NEW! Unlimited import/export templates to setup in the converter
    • NEW! Access your Netcash account from within the Pure File Converter
    • NEW! Receive your statements in any layout from your Netcash account/s
    • FREE!!  Use the Pure File Converter on as many PC’s as you like – there are no more licensing or limitations


You can install the software on as many computers as you like. It is FREE now!


usage is subject to the EULA

Such a weight off my shoulders each month, and Pure File Converter makes my life a lot easier.

Danny Theron

The GuRu

Die Pure File Converter is so maklik om te gebruik. Twee ure se harde werk voorheen, is nou in ‘n paar sekondes afgehandel.

Engela van den Berg

KGA Life

 Love the Pure File Converter – makes life so much easier 

Junaid Galant

Lion of Africa Insurance

Finally, software that works and a company that has GREAT after-sales service!

Pieter de Beer

Project Web Team

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